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Our Story

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His business acumen, insight, creativity, bravery, resilience, hard work and compassion run strongly in the company to date. This 77 year old company is now in it’s 3rd generation. It is being successfully run by the father-son duo Mr. Dharampal Poddar and Mr. Akash Poddar


His son Mr. Dharampal Poddar has been carrying forward the legacy; with a successful trajectory of exploring and

expanding the business adventures.

Shree Pannalal Poddar’s approach -

imagination leads to innovation” -

is a principal that resonates within the company to date. The company pulls out all stops to ensure the clients creativity, imagination, wishes and needs are translated into superlative products be it – haute couture, pret a

porter or accessories.

We have been servicing clients from different parts of the world; each having their own set of unique needs, styles and requirements – and we have successfully translated all their dreams into reality since 1945

A dream, a passion a legacy...

In 1945, at a very young age of 16 years, Shree Pannalal Poddar, took his first step towards converting his passion into a robust business of garment manufacturing, embroidery and textiles – now called Pannatex Garments. By 1965, Shree Pannalal Poddar had broken many a glass ceilings and achieved the pinnacle of success in the textile world - as a result, the premier cloth bazar in Calcutta was named after him – “Pannalal Market”. To date this market is

named and known after a man who dared to dream

In more ways than one he revolutionised the textile industry in India, and soon spread his wings to the international markets. His work ethics, cultural sensibilities and servicing of the different market-demands of different countries were very well received in markets both local and international; making Pannatex Garments the quintessential choice in the global textile and fashion industry

He was a man who was compassionate and cognisant of community welfare; he dedicated time to several humanitarian activities, public service and social wellness

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