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Exclusive Services

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Sampling and Innovation

At Pannatex Embroidery, we thrive on the unique, rare and unimaginable.

Our team specialises in taking your initial idea and providing you with further inspirations

Our craftsmen have been beating their own and the industry best every time.

The most complex, unusual and at times even tricky ideas and visons of our clients is what drives our craftsmen.

Our craftsmen are well versed with the industry staples and at the same time are always seeking knew knowledge and expertise.

In our samples, you will find techniques like no other exploring a variety of materials like leather, metal, wires, plastic, stones, wool, delicate threads, feathers, fur, etc.

Our techniques are an amalgamation of some unique forms like candle burning, 3D rendering all of which are very well received by our international fashion clients

In addition to this we always have our archive of existing samples that can be viewed anytime for your instant perusal


Artwork & Pattern Making

Our artists have perfected the art of line drawing (khaka).

They come with strong knowledge grasped during their formative years because some of our artisans are born in a lineage of hand artistry.

Their detailed and precise work is par excellence and unbeatable testified by our clients locally and internationally.

Once you have provided your paper pattern, an experienced artist will trace your paper pattern onto tracing paper and then create an “embroidery artwork” on to the pattern to show you the placement of your embroidery.

After artwork approval, the production begins.



After the artwork and pre production sample is approved, the embroidery is ready to start.

The delivery schedule will depend on the technique and size of your piece.

At regular intervals, we will share updates with you in the form of images and videos of the embroidery in progress so you can view the production real-time


Quality Control

Quality has always been of paramount importance to us in all our processes. We pay close attention to detail every step of the way.

During and after production is executed, a quality control process takes place to ensure the product is of a high quality.

We have checkers and in-house independent teams to supervise and monitor every step with a detailed eye.


Shipment & Clearance

Our merchandising team co-ordinates with documentation and accounting team to streamline the process of shipment.

We can work with your forwarders or we have our robust shipment network tie-ups.


Client Servicing

At every step of the way our client servicing merchandisers remain in close communication with the client.

They maintain a strong formidable relationship with all our existing customers and are always looking forward  to welcoming new clients.

They ensure regular interaction to attend to the clients queries and requirements. 

They are quick, clear and timely in their correspondence with all clients irrespective of the geographies.

They are always on the lookout for new ways to ensure excellent client servicing in order to deliver a seamless experience to all our customers.

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